In The Event of a Car Accident

What to do in the event of an auto accident: 

car accident injury lawyerWith the saturation of smart devices in our cars, people are more distracted while driving. Everyday people in Southwest Ohio are injured in auto accidents due to another driver's negligent or reckless behavior. While some injuries may be minor, other may be life threatening.

The Sharma Law firm will aggressively protect the rights of those injured due to the negligence of other drivers. Whether it is a subjective personal injury such as a cervical or lumbar strain or a wrongful death claim we have same zealous approach in fighting for our clients’ rights. In 2010 alone there were almost 6 million reported traffic crashes. With motor vehicle accidents being common place it is vital to know the steps you should take to protect yourself and your family.

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Stop Your Car, Do Not Leave the Scene of an Accident

If your car is involved in an accident and you don’t stop, you may be subject to criminal proceeding for leaving the scene of an accident. If possible, leave your car in proximity to the place of impact without obstructing the flow of traffic. After safely exiting your car, assist anyone who may need immediate attention and make sure the police have been called. 

Assist Anybody Who Has Been Injured

Call an ambulance and render first aid if you are properly trained. The 911 or EMT dispatcher will need to know the street address of the crash.

Preserve the Accident Scene, Warn Other Vehicles

Protect the scene of the accident to avoid additional crashes by moving your car. If you have flares and traffic cones they can be used to warn approaching drivers. Raising the hood of your vehicle may also alert other motorists to your disabled vehicle

Call the Police and File an Accident Report

Call the police, especially if someone has been injured. Ask the responding officer to file a Traffic Crash Report. If one is not initiated at the scene, go to the nearest police post and file a report as soon as possible. An insurance company will use the Traffic Crash report in determining liability and expediting your insurance claim. Note the police agency filing your report and ask them how and when you may be able to receive a copy of the report. Auto accident reports are usually available within a week of the accident.

Even if you are citied for the accident, it does not mean you are wholly responsible for the traffic crash Do not plead Guilty to any citation without first consulting an attorney.

Exchange Information and Gather Witness Contact Information

While most information is available on the Traffic Crash Report you can also gather your own information such as other driver's name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, insurer as well as policy number. Please note any passengers and their contact information as well. If the driver or passenger is not the owner, please try to secure the owner's name and contact information. It is very important to also note any witness information. this information is sometimes omitted on the Traffic Crash report and may be the key in disputed liability claims.

Make Notes About the Accident Scene

With most smart phones having video and photo applications, it should be easy to make notes about the accident scene. You may need to capture the time, road and weather conditions, traffic signals or signs, lighting, any skid marks, obstructions, and a narrative of how you believe the accident occurred.

Do Not Admit Responsibility or Liability for the accident

The responding police will ask for you version of how the auto accident occurred. Provide a truthful and factual answer to the best of your ability. Do not admit responsibility for the accident. The narrative detailed in the Traffic Crash Report may be used against you if you admit any responsibility.

Never Give a Recorded Statement to the Other Driver’s Insurance

You are only obligated to talk to your OWN insurance company. You should NEVER give a recorded statement to an insurance company other than your own. Talking to the opposing insurance company could greatly diminish any compensation and harm your right to pursue claims against the other driver.

Do Not Deny Being Injured

There is a section in the Traffic Crash Report that the officer will check corresponding to injuries if any. Due to an excited state stemming from an car accident, many people don't often feel their injuries until hours or sometimes days after the accident. It is okay to tell the officer if you are not sure about being injured but will be seeing a medical professional for a proper examination. The opposing insurance company will need any medical reports and itemized bills in determining any settlement amounts. The doctor visits may be covered under insurance

Call Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company and/or insurance agent as soon as possible to report the accident. Sometimes it may be easier to work with your insurance company and have them subrogate your claim than fighting the opposing insurance in resolving your claim. If the other driver has limited coverage or does not have insurance at all, you may be due compensation from your own insurance if you have Uninsured or Under Insured Motorists coverage (UM/UIM).

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