Potholes, Liability, and You

Pothole are common especially after a rough winter.  Not only are they hazardous to cars but also people.  Ohio Plaintiffs have it tough if they choose to pursue a claim but we are here to help navigate you through this minefield.  Read the recent case that resulted in severe injuries but no compensation

Mrs. Carpenter took two steps towards Advance America and fell. She 
recalled feeling as if she had stubbed her right toe before she fell. Mrs. Carpenter 
stated the reason for her fall was a depression in the parking lot. Mrs. Carpenter was 
not able to stop herself from falling and fell flat to the ground. As a result of her fall, 
Mrs. Carpenter broke bones in her neck requiring two surgeries and rehabilitation.   Read More

Flying Puck

On November 9, 2012 at approximately 7:00 p.m., plaintiff, Emily
Austin, suffered personal injury during pre-game warm ups prior to an intercollegiate
hockey game at the ice arena located on the campus of defendant, Miami University
(“M.U.”). Plaintiff stated during pre-game warm ups “a puck left the ice and struck her in
the head.” 

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